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Police Information

Call 911 for any life threatening emergency

​City of West Buechel Police Department - Emergency Line - 502-574-5471
                                                                     - Non-emergency Line​ - 502-459-4401
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office            ​​ - 502-574-5400

Kentucky State Police                                - 270-766-5078

954 Cameron Ponder Dr​Smart911 2.jpgElizabethtown, KY 42701

Attached is a flier to hand out, use on your websites, push out on social media, print it in your newsletters, reach out to your local business…
The ability of the programs running in the background of the 911 Center is amazing, and it's free to your PSAPS and to the community.
We just need your help to push the information out.
I'll briefly explain some of the main contributing programs:
  1. Smart 911: Allows the citizens to create a personal profile that is attached to their telephone number. When that number calls 911, all of the information is there for the 911 Dispatcher to see. Deaf, autistic, large dog in the home, person with dementia, allergic reaction to latex, child hides in the closet…etc. The program even allows for documents to be uploaded, such as building plans, maybe a protection order, a crisis plan that a veteran may have prepared. Even photos and emergency contact numbers. There is also a CHAT feature, and a location- enabling service that is accurate within about 3 feet. All of the information is encrypted and HIPPA- confidential, and never shared.
  2. Motorola Facility: This is Smart 911 for “commercial" use. This is where you should be in contact with your local business. Building outlines, floor plans, valve locations, sprinklers and hydrants, keyholders, gas lines- all of this information may be put into the system for safer response for our responders. The system will email the responsible party every 6 months to ensure the information is still accurate. NO cost is associated with this!
  3. Rapid SOS is for the Responder- family. It allows for ANI/ALI information to be automatically uploaded and available once the 911 call is answered. The location is accurate within feet. It has features such as “bread crumbs (to trace back to where a GPS started pinging,) coordinates converted to location, and address verification.
There are so many features within these program, I'm sure I haven't names them all. There are rail car/ hazardous materials alerts, active aggressor alerts, panic button feature for business and schools, and LENS alerts are also built in to these profiles that can be created, so citizens can choose which alerts to receive such as severe weather, golden alerts, hazardous materials spill, road closures, etc.
JCSO Communications Center is also utilizing Prepared 911, with which we have had great success so far. It enables us to send a link for streaming video, pictures to be texted in, we can text out links to other resources such as the Vine line, the jail information telephone number, the KY State Police delayed accident form, etc. We can also transfer calls over to other participating jurisdictions, such as J-town and St. Matthews.
(One of the JCSO Satellite PD's recently benefited -I think- from Prepared 911 by having a caller stream video to our center as PD were responding. We were then able to request the video to add to their case file, resulting in possible pending criminal charges.
All of these things are here and currently being utilized by MetroSafe and your local secondary PSAPS.
If you and your citizens can start creating profiles, their information may help customize emergency response and save time.
Rave Mobile Safety Customer Resources Center
Rave Mobil​e Safety customer resources for Rave customers.
Click on: Resources
Click on: Product Feature Sheets
From here, you can create your own information sheets and include you logo as well, so your community trusts it's safe.
MetroSafe does have their logo on the card currently. They ask that any material you print to include your logo and also theirs, that way the community knows the programs are legitimate and trusted.
I am sure I have inadvertently left some features or explanations out! If you all have ANY questions, please let me know and I'll help!
The 911 world is ever- evolving, and quickly, and we're doing our best to utilize current technology for you all to stay safe!
Please encourage your community to sign up and create a profile at: or they may scan the QR code on the attachment.
MetroSafe can give several local examples of when this information has worked!​