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City Hall

City Hall

West Buechel is a place of meaning for its residents. It is a historic part of Louisville, a thriving economic area, and more importantly, our home. 

My goal is to address and implement improvements that will inspire residents and businesses alike to be proud of its partnership with local government. 

The unique issues that face those who lead and manage within City Government is to ensure that your government and its officials comply with and stay current in the changes in State and Federal Law, as well as the needs of the City.              

We routinely explore the resources available to make sound investment decisions while at the same time continue to maintain safety and guide improvements to the community. 

 City government is responsible for providing services compliant in implementing polices and enforcing the laws in an effective and economically responsible way that meets Kentucky's Revised Statutes.   Enhancing revenue by finding escaped funds owed to City of West Buechel. 

Things we do today to make a difference tomorrow! 

My vision for our City of West Buechel is an economically sound city by means of local and government partnerships with both business and residents.               

Only together can we address and implement those needed changes that will ultimately bring these visions to reality in effort to improve our community. 

The key role is to deal with the difficult situations when they arise by utilizing the resources available to us. 

My goal is simple; to strengthen, support, and advocate on behalf of the City of West Buechel Community.

I believe in a healthy and safe community; I am well informed about the real challenges we face today and in the future.

-Mayor Moore